Welcome to the Ballet U Virtual Studio!

While we are closed due to the current COVID-19 crisis, we will be providing instruction and connection by means of our Virtual Classroom, so our dancers can keep dancing from home! Please be sure to check your emails for all communication regarding our online classes and updates on the closure. We can’t wait to be back in class with our students as soon as we can!

*Please be sure to like our Facebook page and check it frequently for Facebook Lives, tips, and resources so we can get through this tricky time together with our dance family!

Interested in dancing with us?
New students are welcome to join!

We offer classes for ages 2.5 through adults. Contact us for more information and book your first virtual class with us NOW!

What the Virtual Classroom entails
  • Video library of classes appropriate for each student's level - ready to access at any time - consistently updated with new material
  • Live classes with your teacher
  • Suggested curriculum​ based on your level
  • Videos & tutorials of Spring Showcase choreography
  • Accountability assignments to ensure that dancers stay in shape while experiencing the motivation of a community with common goals and interests
How It Works
  • Each level has their own Google folder to hold prerecorded classes, Spring Showcase choreography
  • Join us for virtual classes by clicking the Zoom link that has been emailed to you
  • Check our Virtual Class Schedule for your class time. You will notice that the schedule is a bit different than our traditional schedule. Classes are not as long since we can only run one virtual class at a time and since we will also be offering recorded classes for you to follow whenever you wish. Classes are not at the exact regular class time since we figure without school dancers can dance earlier in the day. Try to join your class right when it's supposed to start, so we can have smooth transitions between classes. 
  • Be sure to set up your home dance space by following the steps below
  • It is recommended that an adult is present or nearby for dancers under the age of 8 to help them focus and let us know of any issues with the video/audio.
Your Home Dance Space
  • Clear a space in your house for dancing - approximately 8ft x 8ft if possible
  • Download the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device - go to Zoom.us  
    Be sure to allow Zoom access to your video and microphone so we can see and hear your dancer
  • Gather your props and things needed for class  - click here for a checklist!
  • Click the Zoom link to join your class at the appropriate time:  ZOOM LINK TO BALLET U'S VIRTUAL CLASSROOM
  • Make sure your video is on so your teacher can see your dancer. If you prefer not to be seen that is fine. You can still participate. 
Your Resources

We are still available via email, or by calling/texting (608) 620-5598. Please reach out with any questions. If you need help with connecting to your live class, please call ASAP and we will figure it out together.