Adult/Teen Open Ballet

I'm grateful to Ballet U for allowing me to continue dancing as I age. I've been dancing since I was 6, but as I approach 60, moving is getting to be more difficult.

Thanks to the many different levels of classes for adults at Ballet U, I can always find a class level that suits my abilities. The instructors are knowledgeable and always glad to show how to modify difficult movements.

Also, because I'm not a size 5, I'm grateful that Ballet U allows adults to wear clothing that's comfortable.

In my opinion, Ballet U is the best dance studio around for adults.

It's never too late to (re-)discover ballet!

Do you dream of dancing but never had the opportunity as a child? Did you grow up dancing and now as an adult you miss it? Are you a lifelong dancer and can't imagine life without regular ballet classes?

Whether you start at age 15, 35 or 65, or have been dancing forever, we have a class for you!

We can't wait to help you reach your dance goals! Come and join us at the barre!

At Ballet U You'll Find

  • Convenient scheduling: Daytime, evening and weekend classes
  • Flexible enrollment: 
    Drop-in classes, class cards or monthly memberships
  • Caring and professional teachers who are passionate about ballet and about creating and fostering a community of adult ballet students
  • Performance opportunities 
  • Progressing Ballet Technique 
    (PBT) to supplement ballet classes for stronger technique, improved muscle memory and flexibility and longevity in dance
  • Professionally equipped dance studios
  • Convenient location inside the Verona Athletic Center, just a short drive from surrounding communities
A community of like-minded adults and teachers passionate about sharing their love of ballet with you!

Interested? Please contact us for an individual consultation or to set up a trial class. Private lessons available upon request.

Adult/Teen Basic I and IIBallet (Open Class)

This  ballet class is focused on good health and safe but challenging movement and allows for individual levels of progress tailored towards each student's personal commitment. 

The level of each class will be adjusted to the students in attendance. Starting this fall (2019), we're listing a Basic I and a Basic II level in our schedule to indicate general level differentiations. However, all classes accommodate a variety of levels and our faculty is skilled at offering modifications for individual students.

Each class follows the format of a traditional ballet class and includes barre and center work along with some floor stretches. Dancers will be introduced to and continue practicing the anatomical basics of technique: alignment/posture, placement, shifting weight, joint articulation, turns, slides, small jumps and ankle strength that will support the dancer through daily activities with substantial protection from injury and can expect to express their inner artist through brief choreographed dances.

Students may wear comfortable exercise clothing like t-shirts and yoga pants or leggings or traditional dance wear, i.e. leotards and tights. Ballet slippers are recommended and available for sale ($15-20) at the Ballet U office.

Adult/Teen Intermediate Ballet (Open Class)

Ages: 16+, Experience: 4+ years

This class includes intermediate level barre and center work with an emphasis on clarity, strength, control, flexibility and fluid transitions. 

Adult Ballet is a growing trend and there are a lot of wonderful resources available on the internet for recreational adult ballet dancers. The blog Grown-ups at the Barre is a great place to find more information and to get connected to fellow ballet enthusiasts.
Wondering what to expect in a Adult Beginner class?  This blog post answers all your questions.
Also, don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to chat with you!
I can't thank you enough for welcoming me and teaching me so much. Coming here has been valuable to my body, mind and soul. I feel I have grown exponentially as an individual. ~Adult Student

From day one -- as an adult beginner who had never taken ballet -- I felt completely accepted, empowered, and supported. The instructors are all absolutely inspiring women who create a warm, inclusive atmosphere in their classes at every level. Every class, I leave feeling more positive, strong, and centered. Whether you are a professional or a complete beginner, you are made to feel like you belong -- and you are challenged to be your own personal best. I can not recommend this studio and these instructors enough!  ~Adult Student

Adult/Teen Advanced Ballet

Ages: 16+, Experience: 6+ years

Experienced adults who are looking to take several weekly classes or wish to supplement their training with classes at Ballet U are welcome to join our advanced (Youth IV/V/Adult) classes.  (90 minutes followed by 30 minutes pointe). Please contact us for more information. 

Some of Ballet U's advanced adult students


Single Class - $20 ($15 for dance professionals) (Please pay at studio)

3 Classes $57 * 10 Classes $180 * 20 classes $350
(Please set up account online and purchase online)

Monthly Membership (3 month minimum) $127 
Take unlimited Basic, Continuing, Intermediate classes. 

Purchase class cards and memberships through our online system.

Ready to get started? 

New beginners should enroll in our 10 week Beginners Series, which we offer several times throughout the year. Dancers with previous experience should book a trial class. Either contact us so we can assist you in choosing the correct level or go ahead and complete our online registration form here. Enroll in the desired class by choosing from our open adult ballet schedule. Pick that date that you plan on attending. Complete the checkout process. You will be charged our drop-in fee of $20 for the trial class within 48 hours after we receive your registration. This fee will be applied to your first class card purchase ($180 for 10 classes) as long as you purchase a class card within 2 weeks after your trial class. 

Most of our adult students wear workout clothes. We recommend ballet slippers and have them for sale at our office ($15-20). But you are welcome to take your first class wearing socks.

Detailed Enrollment Instructions