Dance classes for 3 to 5 year olds!

Do you have a not quite 3 year old?  Check out our Tiny Dancers program!

Is your child 5 and in Kindergarten? Check out our Preballet program

 Does your little one love to twirl, leap, hop, play make-believe and dress-up?

Do you value quality dance education in a caring and nurturing environment?

 You will love our Leap 'N Learn program! 

A magical introduction to ballet training in a developmentally appropriate and inclusive way.

Is it safe to participate in dance classes during Covid-19?  
This is a question that many parents are asking themselves these days. We feel that our small in-studio classes are a very safe activity for your child and provide a much needed social and physical outlet.
Class sizes are limited to 6-10 children(depending on level) during this time.
Students will be dancing in a distanced way in taped off boxes for most of the class. This has worked very well during our summer session. Our teachers have even come up with wonderfully creative ideas to incorporate the boxes into their teaching. 
Teachers and all other staff as well as students over age 5 wear masks. For students younger than 5, wearing masks is optional.
For more details, please see Ballet U COVID-19 Protocols.

What happens if there is another lock-down? 
We are prepared to pivot back to virtual teaching if it becomes necessary to do so. We understand that Zoom classes are not ideal for some families and will be offering refunds or credits for future classes if we are forced to close the studio temporarily. 

Why choose Leap 'N Learn?

  • Leap 'N Learn focuses on the basic elements of: 

    • Physical space and how we relate to it as an individual and a group member
    • Locomotor and non-locomotor movements
    • Musical awareness
    • Opposites, directions, and pathways
    • Elementary positions and movements of ballet

    In addition to these physical elements, our dance program integrates the intellectual concepts of: 

    • Self-awareness
    • Teamwork
    • Creative expression
    • Imagination
    • Basic body and health awareness

    Leap 'N Learn also helps children learn the basics of classroom behavior and manners, which include learning how to take turns, following another dancer or leading the way, waiting patiently, working together with others, and having a positive attitude. 

    Concepts are explored throughout the year such as classroom etiquette, musical awareness, relationships to the working space and stage, expressing emotion through movement, and pantomime. 

    Leap 'N Learn classes in the early childhood program are grouped into age-specific levels for three- to five-year-olds, with the content based on age-appropriate developmental skills.

What's the right level for my child?

Leap 'N Learn 3: For children who are 3 by Oct. 1, 2020 or whose enrollment was approved by the director.  We expect all children in this level to turn 4 throughout the year.

Leap 'N Learn 4: For children who were 4 by Oct. 1, 2020 or whose enrollment was approved by the director. We expect all children in this level to turn 5 throughout the year.

We understand that each child is unique and develops at their own pace and we will always strive to place them at the level where they can thrive and be challenged. 


  1. Class Times To Fit Your Schedule: Classes available weekday mornings and afternoons as well as Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.

  2. Unlimited Make-Up Classes: Flexible around illnesses & vacations. 

  3. Caring and Certified Instructors who can't WAIT to share their love for dance with your little one!

  4. Quality Curriculum with a clear progression throughout the year.

  5. Parent Performance at the end of each session.

  6. Family-Friendly Environment. Comfortable waiting area, free wifi and viewing windows so parents can watch the fun!

Parent Testimonials

If you are looking for someone with patience and kindness to work with little ones who have short attention spans, this is the place to go. Miss Stephanie does an amazing job.  ~Ballet U Parent

Our daughter, 4 year old, has LOVED Stephanie and the instructors at Ballet U! They have really helped her express herself and come out of her shell! We love Ballet U! ~Ballet U Parent

S. (3) has been so happy with dance class. She wishes she could go every day. I've never seen her so inspired, attentive and engaged. Thank you for helping this experience be positive and life fulfilling for S. ~Ballet U Parent

We love the Leap 'N Learn Curriculum. As a former dancer myself I can appreciate the purposeful and age-appropriate teaching of movement concepts that apply to all dance forms.  They learn so much more than twirling around pretending to be a ballerina. ~Ballet U Parent

I was so excited when my son was finally old enough to take a dance class. We love the nurturing and inclusive environment at Ballet U. It's clear that the teachers love what they are doing and well qualified. They make each child feel special, which is so important to me as a parent. ~Ballet U Parent

Imagine your child dashing out of class excited to share
what she learned that day and show off her hard-earned sticker!
Then, watch them beam with pride as they perform for you
during Parent Performance Week! 

Program Structure & Fees

  • Program is based around 12 week sessions (shorter sessions during the summer) that incorporate several different themes each session
  • The final week of each session is "Parent Performance Week" where parents are invited into the classroom for a full demonstration of everything we've learned over the session
  • Fees are $180 per 12-week session
  • Option for automatic re-enrollment in week 9 will ensure your child's spot for the whole dance year
  • ​Unlimited make-up classes within each session to allow flexibility around vacations and illnesses

Fall Session: 8/31-11/23
Winter Session: 1/4-3/27
Spring Session: 3/29-6/12 (10/11 weeks - no classes on Memorial Day 5/31)

Registration opens about 4 weeks before the start of a new session. Current students are given preference to keep their spots.

How to enroll:

Click "Register Now" button and choose your preferred class time from the schedule. 

Set up an account for your family and add your child. 

Complete the checkout process to confirm your child's enrollment.

You will receive a Thank You email as well as further communication from us upon enrollment.

Can I bring my child to a trial class? 
Our classes often fill up and bringing in a trial student is not fair to the students who are already enrolled and have gotten used to each others and the class structure. Please register and then, if it turns out that the class is not a good fit for your child, take advantage of our Risk-Free New Student Guarantee . 

Risk-Free New Student Guarantee: If you decide the class isn't a good fit, you can request a refund for the remainder of the session up through the third week of the session (12 week sessions only, no refunds for 4 week summer sessions). 

Stephanie is very patient yet firm with children. She really works with their abilities, while gracefully nudging them forward to learn, grow, and improve in ballet. My daughter and I have met great friends in participating in ballet and could not have chosen a better studio and teacher. Love, love, love Ballet U!!!  ~Ballet U Parent

My 3-year old loves her dance class with Ms. Stephanie. It's her favorite day of the week. She has learned so much and is excited about coming every week. ~Ballet U Parent

Ballet U offers excellent age-appropriate education in a child-friendly environment. My daughter looks forward to her classes and Ballet U is the highlight of her week. ~Ballet U Parent

What to wear?

Girls: Pink or lilac leotard with attached skirt, tights and ballet slippers. For your convenience we sell a uniform package for $45, which you can purchase online when registering or at our office before the first class. Items are also available individually. If you already own a different leotard, your dancer is welcome to wear that

Boys: Black shorts or pants, white t-shirt and black ballet slippers. Ballet slippers are available for $20 at our office or can be purchased through our website. 

Do you have questions about our program or
would like a class recommendation for your child?

Give us a call and talk to Stephanie at (608) 620-5598
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