Dance classes for ages 3-5 years!

Do you have not quite 3 year old?  Check out our Tiny Dancers program!

 Does your little one love to twirl, leap, hop, play make-believe and dress-up?

Then she will love becoming a Princess Ballerina!

Have a little boy interested in dance? 
He is more than welcome to join in - 
all our themes can be easily tweaked to be appropriate and fun for all!

Add tights and ballet shoes for an additional $18.

Each week we'll hop, skip and twirl through an imaginary adventure! 
By encouraging your child's creativity and independence in a fun and nurturing atmosphere
you'll see your child blossom before your eyes!

Why choose Princess Ballerinas?

  • Class Times To Fit Your Schedule: Classes available weekday mornings and afternoons as well as Saturday mornings. 

  • Unlimited Make-Up Classes: Flexible around illnesses & vacations. 

  • Caring Instructors who can't WAIT to share their love for dance with your little one!

  • Imaginative Themed Classes. New themes every session

  • Parent Performance at the end of each session .

  • Family-Friendly Environment. Comfortable waiting area, free wifi and viewing windows so parents can watch the fun!

  • All-Inclusive Tuition. No other expenses outside of your session fee ever!

Parent Testimonials

"Stephanie is very patient yet firm with children. She really works with their abilities, while gracefully nudging them forward to learn, grow, and improve in ballet. My daughter and I have met great friends in participating in ballet and could not have chosen a better studio and teacher. Love,love,love ballet!!!"  JP

"My 3-year old loves her dance class with Ms. Stephanie. It's her favorite day of the week. She has learned so much and is excited about coming every week. "  LD  

"S. (3) has been so happy with dance class. She wishes she could go every day. I've never seen her so inspired, attentive and engaged. Thank you and her other instructors, Morgan and Olivia, for helping this experience be positive and life fulfilling for S."   BL

Imagine your child dashing out of class excited to share what she learned that day and show off her hard-earned sticker!


Then, watch your daughter beam with pride as she performs for you during Parent Performance Week! 

Program Structure & Fees

  • Our Program is based around 10 week sessions that incorporate several different themes each session. 
  • The final week of each session is "Parent Performance Week" where parents are invited into the classroom for a full demonstration of everything we've learned over the session. 
  • Costumes for Parent Performance Week are supplied on a "dress-up" basis so there is nothing extra to purchase. Additionally, each child will receive her completed sticker chart to celebrate her achievement. 
  •  Fees are $150 per 10-week session .  Dance dress (leotard) included.
  • We offer unlimited make-up classes within each session to allow flexibility around vacations and illnesses.

What Happens In A Princess Ballerinas Dance Class? 

  • Each class begins by warming up our muscles, gentle stretching and some strengthening exercises during a circle warm-up.
  • We practice our Princess Ballerinas dance moves (and review their french names) like relevé, plié, tendu, passé
  • We travel to magical lands and pretend to be things like beautiful flowers, fairies, birds,  butterflies and, of course, princesses, all while practicing our listening skills and making new friends.
  • We experiment with an ever changing assortment of props, such as silk flowers, colorful scarves, hoops and wands.
  • Each session is designed with one or more new magical themes like Enchanted Forrest, Royal Ball, Fairy Garden Adventure or Winter Wonderland and Barnyard Ballet.
  • We can't WAIT to perform for you in class at the end of each session in a fancy costume (dress up-only). 
  • We end each class with a special good-bye dance and each child getting a sticker to reward and celebrate her progress and success!

Spring 2018

10 weeks of classes: 3/12-5/26 ($150)
TUITION INCLUDES DANCE DRESS (leotard w/ attached skirt), add ballet shoes and tights for $18. We will contact you to come in for a fitting before your child's first class.

Monday 5:00-5:45 pm (Ages 3 and 4) 10wks (full)
Tuesday 9:15-10:00 am (Ages 3 and 4) 10wks
Tuesday 5:00-5:45 pm (Ages 4 and 5) 10wks
Thursday 10:30-11:15 (Ages 3 and 4) 10wks (full)
Thursday 4:45-5:30 pm (Ages 3 to 5) 10wks 
Friday 9:15-10:00 am (Ages 3 and 4) 10wks (full)
Saturday 9:30-10:15 am (Ages 3 to 5) 10wks (full)

No classes during spring break: 3/26-3/31.

How to enroll:

Click on the Register button to get to our registration page. Choose the correct season, "Spring 2018 Princess Ballerinas" and then your preferred class time from the schedule.  If the class title appears in red, it means the class is full.

Risk-Free New Student Guarantee: If you decide the class isn't a good fit, you can request a refund for the remainder of the session up through the second week of the session.