Why Ballet U?


Ballet U, LLC is the area's only Russian based non-competitive classical ballet school focused on contemporary American sensibility that offers ballet as an internal, foundational exploration for dancers from all mediums. Teaching an holistic, skeletal and anatomical science of movement -not a limited "style"- in a sensitive and nurturing environment, empowering dancers of all ages, levels and disciplines to mine their full individual potential by identifying and correcting technical weaknesses generating improved turns, jumps, extensions and pointe work, Ballet U also offers confidential private short-course reparation and rehabilitation sessions for dancers who crave individual attention and quick positive results towards accelerated achievement not attainable in large class settings. Most intermediate and advanced classes are taught by 40 year veteran Charmaine Ristow, who has performed professionally with Cullberg Ballet (Stockholm), Milwaukee Ballet and Rudolf Nureyev, has successfully honed YAGP national prize winners as well as co-founded and directed six Madison companies including Ballet Madison, the original Madison Nutcrackers and Kanopy Dance.  

Ballet U, LLC provides a unique holistic and anatomical approach to classical ballet training that elevates ordinary technique to extraordinary levels of personal understanding for dance students and elite athletes regardless of their age, background or ultimate goals. Empowering ALL motivated students--children through adults, beginners through professionals,this methodology develops a visceral understanding of body mechanics and promotes maximum proficiency, safety and longevity. Whether participating in a group class or private coaching sessions, individually tailored technique ensures optimal health and achievement proportionate to personal commitment.

Students/athletes who have seemingly met their potential, frustrated with limitations, injuries and lack of previous thorough scientific analyses will find Ballet U's methodical dissection, evaluation and repairatory techniques incomparable to any other training program. Join today and enjoy, excel, and soar! 


Maintain the highest quality dance education through small, strategically progressing classes to provide unique, individually tailored, educational, holistic, safe, and enjoyable instruction for all ages, levels and ultimate goals in a non-competitive, nurturing environment with qualified experienced teachers in a professionally prepared studio, while enhancing community arts and fitness through affordable outreach programs and performances.