Fall 2020

Ballet for Older Youth Beginners

It is never too late to get started with ballet. We offer classes for "older" youth beginners.

What is the right age
to start ballet? 

There is no perfect age to start taking ballet classes. At Ballet U you will find classes for young children all the way up to mature adults. In our youth program we begin the more serious study of ballet at around age 7 or 8. When children around age 10 to 11 or teenagers develop an interest in ballet they often worry that it's too late to get started or that they will end up in a class with much younger children.

At Ballet U we offer classes that will meet students right where they are and offer class times where they can learn ballet alongside students of similar age. 

Youth Beginners - Ages 10-12: Please contact us. New class is forming.

Teen Beginners - Ages 13+: Wednesday 5:00-6:30 pm - $75/month

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