We've been part of this studio for six wonderful years. The kids classes are great. They allow progression from little dancers swirling in their tutus all the way to mature dancers on their pointe shoes. I'm impressed by how they can teach ballet technique even to my four-year-old. I witness how my older girls learn perseverance, hard work, and discipline through ballet. The teachers are knowledgeable and they really care about each student. There's a sense of community here -- we've gotten to know many other dancers and their families through the years.

The hidden gem of Ballet U is the adult program. I started ballet from zero five years ago , and I'm so grateful I did! There are adult classes every day Monday through Saturday at various levels -- from the novice to experienced dancers on pointe. The adults are all at different levels, and yet the teachers know how to give us just the right amount of challenge. If you've ever wanted to try ballet, just give it a shot. I find it exercises my body while calming my mind at the same time. ~Ballet U Parent and Adult Student

We love Ballet U. The teachers have been so good with my daughter. I have taken the adult classes and love them! I can't say enough good things about Stephanie, Karen and Ballet U!!!  ~Ballet U Paren and Adult Student

Stephanie has done an incredible job creating a studio focused on teaching technical and personal excellence.  ~Nicole Novak, Dance Teacher and Choreographer


If you are looking for someone with patience and kindness to work with little ones who have short attention spans, this is the place to go. Miss Stephanie does an amazing job.  ~Ballet U Parent

Our daughter, 4 year old, has LOVED Stephanie and the instructors at Ballet U! They have really helped her express herself and come out of her shell! We love Ballet U! ~Ballet U Parent

Ballet U is an INCREDIBLE ballet studio. My daughter has danced there for 3 years and we are so so happy. We tried [name of different studio] because that would be closer to us, but it was incomparable. I was actually quite surprised.
Miss Stephanie is so sweet, soft-spoken, kind, patient with these little ones, and an amazing dancer herself. One of the most important parts of our decision was that our daughters would be taking instruction from someone they would look up to, and that it needs to be someone worthy of that. Miss Stephanie is all you could hope for in a teacher and she NAILED it with the Leap and Learn courses! I can't speak for the preballet and on yet, but she is SO great with the littles. Story lines for their courses change so the kids don't get bored, they love the obstacle courses in class, love the little beanie babies. My daughter has been to a Nutcracker 1 day camp around Christmas, and 2, about to be 3, 1 day summer camps that are all a different theme. Each one has been new and exciting for her and those are stand-alone events.
I love being able to stay to watch my daughter without distracting her, through the 2 way mirror, and my other littles can play. There is a bathroom/locker room in the building and vending machines for convenience-- and they are stocked with mostly healthy treats! Like Naked smoothies! There is a leotard/slippers shop within the studio which has great quality materials.
We are 100% happy here and can't wait to get our other daughter enrolled, soon after she starts walking I hope :) ~Ballet U Parent

Wonderful first dance experience for our daughter and the observation area is perfect. We are able to observe and be available for our child without bothering the class. The summer workshops are fun too. Thank you! ~Ballet U Parent

R. LOVES class so much!  He talks about it all week long, and can't wait for it to be Monday.  He also says, "I NEED to go to dance class!"  We are thrilled that we tried ballet as an activity, and he keeps asking to come back.  In the few weeks he's been there he already has some physical skills that he didn't have prior to class (such as balancing on one leg at a time).
Thank you again for providing such a wonderful opportunity and introduction to ballet for the little kids.  I can't wait to see where this adventure takes us over the years! ~ Ballet U Parent

My daughter loves this school! She is two and a half and she absolutely loves going to ballet class with Miss Stephanie. Miss Stephanie is a great teacher, she is very patient and she does an amazing job keeping the girls focused and participating. We tried a different school in town and we were not impressed but this school is clean and very friendly, I cannot recommend this place enough! ~ Ballet U Parent

Stephanie does an awesome job teaching my daughter and others. She’s very patient, kind and understanding with them. You can really see how much she loves working with these kids. My daughter always loves coming here.  ~Ballet U Parent

 My daughter has been going to Ballet U for the past year and half. She gets so excited to go to her ballet class and just loves Miss. Stephanie. We highly recommend the Leap and Learn classes. It has been so nice to see my daughter grow and get better every session. ~Ballet U Parent


I highly recommend Ballet U. The teachers are amazing and treat their students with kindness, professionalism and the gift of dance. My daughter switched to Ballet U from another school and the progress she made was stunning! The support she received from her teachers was amazing. It not only improved her dance skill but also increased her self confidence. ~Ballet U Parent

The Ballet U approach to dance is truly special! My daughter has been under the tuteledge of Miss Charmaine for three years now and it has been amazing to see her grow--not only as a dancer of ballet, but as a young adult. Miss Charmaine's individualized instruction is allowing my daughter to realize her dreams of becoming a dancer. The environment is supportive, the instruction excellent, and the relationship between my daughter and her teacher is invaluable.  ~Ballet U Parent

My daughter has loved studying at Ballet U! The instructors are wonderful. So caring, patient, diligent in teaching, and they also keep things enjoyable. ~Ballet U Parent

Ballet U is a fantastic studio! We have been with Ballet U for 7.5 years, and have been impressed by how my daughter has grown as a dancer. The dancers, teachers, and studio are sweet and supportive! ~Ballet U Parent

Ballet U has been such an amazing place for my daughter to not only learn ballet but to gain confidence and meet new people. The instructors have been phenomenal! Very professional and genuinely kind. The camps are a fun summer day and being able to participate in the Nutcracker is the highlight of our year. We couldn’t be more happy with Stephanie and Ballet U! ~Ballet U Parent

I enjoyed my time at Ballet U very much. The teachers are very professional and experienced and provide a very welcoming but disciplined environment. Everyone was accommodating towards both my schedule and my unique situation after having taken a few years off, and I felt comfortable dancing here. I also loved the wide array of classes they offer, especially for teens and adults.  ~ Ballet U Student

My daughter has been dancing at Ballet U for several years and has made great progress. The teachers have helped her gain solid fundamentals, with careful attention to technique. Small class sizes have served my young dancer well, and we appreciate the spring showcase recitals (conveniently held at the studio and without the need to purchase expensive costumes). She loves participating in the annual Nutcracker production (organized and led by Ballet U staff as part of Verona Youth Ballet) with many of her classmates and so looks forward to this tradition every year!  ~Ballet U Parent


I can't thank you enough for welcoming me and teaching me so much. Coming here has been valuable to my body, mind and soul. I feel I have grown exponentially as an individual. ~Adult Student

Not only do my 2 daughters study ballet at Ballet U, but I also take lessons in one of the beginning adult classes. The smaller class sizes offer the opportunity for a lot of personal attention and feedback in technique, with a focus on really understanding the physiology behind the moves in order to dance safely and avoid injury. My daughters enjoy the classes very much, have fun with their classmates while getting excellent instruction in classical ballet from a truly top-notch instructor. The teen/adult class I attend is high quality but low pressure--perfect for someone like me who danced as as a child, but also the right beginning place for someone who wants to explore another method for exercise. Ms. Charmaine takes her role as teacher/mentor seriously, and truly cares about her students' health and growth both in the world of dance, and the world at large.  ~AdultStudent and Parent

[Since moving away from Madison] ... I have tried 3 ballet schools, but none is as good as yours. I hope that I will find something better in Boston, but I am sure it won't have the same excellent quality of training as I had with you.  ~Previous Adult Student

I feel challenged and invigorated in every class I attend thanks to the top notch instructors. ~Adult Student

I love attending Ballet U! The teachers are very professional and enthusiastic about their students. Ballet U has classes for everyone at all levels and ages. As a college student, Ballet U makes it possible for me to continue attending classes and improving my skills as a dancer. I highly recommend Ballet U! ~ Adult Student

I'm grateful to Ballet U for allowing me to continue dancing as I age. I've been dancing since I was 6, but as I approach 60, moving is getting to be more difficult. Thanks to the many different levels of classes for adults at Ballet U, I can always find a class level that suits my abilities. The instructors are knowledgeable and always glad to show how to modify difficult movements. Also, because I'm not a size 5, I'm grateful that Ballet U allows adults to wear clothing that's comfortable. In my opinion, Ballet U is the best dance studio around for adults.  ~Adult Student

I participated in the Adult Ballet for New Beginners class and loved my experience. My goal was to increase my balance, flexibility and physical strength, as well as to experience the joy & beauty of ballet. I will definitely enroll in future classes. ~Adult Student

I've been dancing in the adult/teen class for 2 years at Ballet U. The teachers are amazing and not only do they care about your skills as a dancer, but have a genuine interest in you as a person, making Ballet U feel like a home away from home. You can leave your worries behind and enjoy an hour and a half to unwind and do something healthy for your body, mind and spirit! I always look forward to the next class! ~Adult Student

From day one -- as an adult beginner who had never taken ballet -- I felt completely accepted, empowered, and supported. The instructors are all absolutely inspiring women who create a warm, inclusive atmosphere in their classes at every level. Every class, I leave feeling more positive, strong, and centered. Whether you are a professional or a complete beginner, you are made to feel like you belong -- and you are challenged to be your own personal best. I can not recommend this studio and these instructors enough!  ~Adult Student